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The Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer Songbook and Play-Along CD

The Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer Songbook and Play-Along CD

Have you or someone you know ever wanted to play piano like Floyd Cramer but just haven't been able to pick out the notes? Then this songbook is for you!

Floyd Cramer's distinctive touch at the piano comes to life in The Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer, a collection of piano sheet music arrangements of eight classic country and pop songs featuring his "slip note" style. Transcribed by Floyd's grandson, Jason Coleman, these arrangements capture the "piano magic" of Floyd Cramer and enable any pianist to play the slip notes - just like Floyd!

Play-Along CD Included!

This songbook package also contains an exclusive audio CD with accompaniment tracks for each song as well as demonstration recordings performed by Jason Coleman. Use the music player below to listen to samples of the demo versions of each song. The play-along versions simply have the piano part removed so that you can play piano with the band!

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